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  • Update from St. Peter Cathedral

    The Sunday 10:30 am Mass will be privately celebrated at St. Peter Cathedral and live broadcast on WNOA 103.9 FM or by visiting and click on “listen online.” We invite you to participate as you listen using the following worship aid: Lent 4, Cycle A, 22 March 2020

    Bishop John Doerfler will also say a private Mass on Sundays at 1:30 pm which can be viewed live at   

    We would like to reiterate a message sent from our Diocesan Executive Director of Stewardship and Development…

    During this time of coronavirus concerns and suspension of Masses across our diocese, I urge all of us who are able financially to remember to tithe to your parish- no matter where you attend!

    Please take the time to visit our parish website, and sign up for online giving. Other options are to mail your offertory envelopes to the parish or drop them off at the parish.

    Churches are completely dependent upon your financial support; without it they will not be able to pay bills, staff, etc. Without a weekly offering, our parishes will struggle to survive at a time when their life-giving ministry is needed most. God will provide, but He still needs you to do your part!

    I know our parishes, priests and parish laity are praying for us and are there to help with whatever our needs are, let’s continue to pray and fully support them as much as we can as well.

    This will pass and our places of worship will get through this too when we come together with support.

    Sincerely yours in Christ,

    Msgr. Michael Steber and St. Peter Cathedral Parish Staff

  • Public Masses and Sacraments Suspended through April 13th

    All Public Celebrations of the Mass and Sacraments in the Diocese of Marquette are suspended through April 13, 2020.  All Catholics are dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass during this time.  The Cathedral and Chapel are NOT open for individual prayer.  Please read Bishop John Doerfler’s letter from March 23 at .

  • Mass Intentions will be fulfilled in Private Masses by Priests

    All scheduled Mass Intentions will be fulfilled by our priests in their private Masses which they continue to pray daily.

  • All Gatherings at Parish – Suspended

    Please read Bishop John Doerfler’s letter from March 23, 2020 found at