Visiting Choirs

We welcome visiting choirs to sing at the Cathedral as the calendar allows. Choirs are invited on occasion to sing a choral prelude or postlude to the 4pm Vigil Mass on Saturdays or the 6pm Mass on Sundays. Similarly, choirs are welcome to sing when there is not a scheduled event in the Cathedral. Please note: singing by a visiting choir during the Mass is by invitation only. The Cathedral retains the right to reschedule a choir’s visit on short notice if an unforeseen event must take place at the Cathedral, such as an occasion of national or local importance. All choral music must be performed without accompaniment.

To request permission to perform at the Cathedral, please send via email or mail a written request, including a brief description of the choir (e.g. a college choir of 40 voices, a high school choir of 20 voices, etc.) and the preferred dates and times. Please send a list of the sacred, unaccompanied music the choir plans to have prepared for their tour with the approximate performance times. Include a 5-10 minute representative recording of the current choir. Please allow up to thirty days for a response from the Sacred Music Department.