Confirmation Preparation (High School)

Confirmation Preparation is during the High School Faith Formation Sessions, as outlined in the Diocese Curriculum. More information regarding this program is outlined on our Faith Formation page.

Confirmation begins in the Fall of 10th grade and goes until the Spring of 11th grade, with Confirmation happening on the 3rd Sunday of Easter season (2nd Sunday after Easter).

For the Guide for the Confirmation Preparation Process & Application – for Sophomores, Year 1 Packet & for Juniors, Year 2 Packet . This guide outlines the timeline for catechesis, other formation, rituals, applications and letters, as well as how to select a sponsor, communication ideas between the candidate and sponsor and choosing a Confirmation name.

The process and expectations for all four years of Faith Formation can be found here.

For any questions regarding the Sacrament of Confirmation please contact Katelyn McKeen in the Faith Formation Office, 226-6548 or .